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Rustic recycled big timbers before milling.Square Nail Historic Wood from
Rogue Pacific Lumer Company

Rogue Pacific Lumber’s Square Nail Historic Wood division specializes in reclaimed lumber from across our nation. We carry an inventory of many species. We specialize in the timber that originates in the Eastern half of our country. We have a very large inventory of Long Leaf Yellow Pine (also known as Heart Pine).  We also carry Red and White Oak, Chestnut, Beech, and Hickory.  We also have wholesale access to just about any reclaimed product available. So even if we don’t have something listed, give us a call. We can get it.
We can remanufacture the timber into a number of products, from timbers for timber-frame construction, to flooring in numerous configurations.  Our Historic Wood timbers offer the dual advantage of reusingproducts that once went to waste, and at the same time recovering lumber of rare beauty which has assumed a patina and character that no newly cut lumber can achieve.

It is our goal to produce products that are custom to the needs of our customer; whether flooring, paneling, or timbers. We cut only after the order is placed so that we can cut to your specifications. All of our hardwoods are kiln dried after cutting, and before milling, so that you receive lumber that is as dry as is necessary for your particular application and climate when you receive it.

Long-Leaf Yellow Pine Beech Hickory

Hand Selected Lumber Species:

Long Leaf Yellow Pine (Heart Pine):  This species is one of the most beautiful and is the most versatile timber species that we have. This pine is dense, hard, and stable. The original source was the forests of the Gulf of Mexico coast, from Mississippi to western Florida. This large timber tree was the premier construction timber used during the industrialization of the Eastern half of our nation from the end of the Civil War through about 1910, when the last of the big timber was cut. Our source for this timber is now from the demolition of those old factories. We get a lot of our timbers from demolitions in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis.

Because these timbers are large, and the wood itself is so naturally stable, there are many options for the use of this wood. We can easily remanufacture to wide plank flooring. Our current inventory allows us to cut planks as wide as 14”. We can produce flooring or paneling from these timbers in virtually any grade, from clear, to very rustic. In order to maximize utilization and minimize costs, we prefer to cut sizes that are natural fits to the size of the timbers.

Of course Square Nail Historic Wood can also provide Heart Pine in timber form, either resawn, or with the original patina. These timbers are beautiful in timber frame applications, or used as mantel pieces. 

Hardwoods:  Almost all of our hardwoods come from barn demolitions throughout the East and Midwest. The timbers are not as large as our pine timbers, so the products which can be recovered are more limited. Our inventory rotates with availabilities.

Current Hardwood Species:

Red Oak:  is one of our favorites, as the tones that are exposed upon remanufacture are so much more subtle and warm, as compared to newly cut Red Oak. The years of being exposed heat, cold, and the natural effects of housing animals in the barns mellows the tones to a rich, warm brown. Occasional nail holes and small knots only enhance the character of the finished flooring. 

Antique Wormy Chestnut:  is also looks completely different than newly-cut Chestnut. Our Chestnut comes from old barn boards. The rich, dark patina of one hundred year-old Chestnut boards is truly unique and striking. Occasional worm holes, and the other distress and weathering from a long life on the side of a barn make every plank a unique piece. Our current inventory is a wide random width, with the boards ranging from 5” to 13” wide.

White Oak:  is a classic flooring species. Colors are subtle, with the net effect being rather elegant, rather than rustic. The effects of aging are subtle.

Beech:  is a light-toned wood with some darker toned grain. It is fine-grained lumber, and is very stable. Beech takes stains well, so is quite versatile.